The Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace is a Roman Catholic Church under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore.


“Fostering a Christ-centered Community, making Jesus known to all by being Jesus to all.”

As baptized Catholics, we are commissioned to bear the light of Christ and to continue His mission of spreading the Good News, so that everyone would come to know of God’s love for His People and encounter His love and mercy. This is at the heart of Archbishop William Goh’s vision for a vibrant, missionary, and evangelizing Church.

This is built on a number of premises:

  • That we are in close relationship with Jesus through having encountered Him personally in our life.
  • That we are formed in mind and spirit, knowing His Word, and the teachings of His Church, and serving Him with a heart of a disciple.
  • That we are a close community of believers, working together and supporting each other in faith to build God’s kingdom.

That is why our mission here at the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, is to foster a Christ-centered Community.

This we hope to achieve by:
Formation – To awaken in every parishioner a longing for a personal encounter with Jesus
Outreach – To bear witness and to proclaim Jesus to those who do not know Him.
Community – To build a culture of love for Jesus in the parish community


In 1940, due to overcrowding in central Singapore, many parishioners were relocated to the suburbs. As the number of Catholics increased in the East, there was a pressing need to set up a Church.

With the onset of the Japanese Occupation and post war recovery, development plans for the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace was interrupted. However, with the perseverance of Father Dupoirieux and the prayers of many faithful, the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace was established on 4 April 1954.

Since then, 26 priests have served in our parish and currently we have two priests Rev Father Timothy Yeo (Parish Priest) and Rev Father Paul Ngo (Assistant Parish Priest) to shepherd our congregation, actively participating and supporting various parish activities such as the yearly Feast Day celebration, funfair and more. Through the years we have also been blessed with a fair number of vocations in both the priesthood and religious orders including Rev Father Adrian Yeo, Rev Father Ignatius Yeo, Rev Fr Peter Wee (CSsR), Brother Damien John Tay, Sister Anne Tan and Sister Teresa Chua.

Through the years...


Archdiocese of Singapore bought the piece of land Mukim 25 – Lot 84T on which the Church of Our Lady Queen Of Peace was built. At that time the Madrasah Al-Maarif occupied a building at 14 Tanjung Katong Road, on the site. Subsequently the Madrasah moved to Ipoh Lane where it still stands today.

Tanjung Katong Road in the early part of the last century.jpg

The Madrasah AlMaarif in the 40s on the plot where Queen of Peace was built

The Blessing of the Church by the late Mgsr. M. Olcomendy on April 4, 1954

Vintage cars for sale. All proceeds goes to church building fund in the 50s

Fr. Pierre Bouttaz - resident priest 1957 to 1965

Fr. Pierre Bouttaz 1957 to 1965. Fr. C. Huc 1955 to 1965. Can you spot the late Ee Peng Liang

Main gate chain link fence - notice the hawker stalls outside church to catch the congregation after mass


Canteen an indispensable part of the parish community since 1962

A view of the sanctuary in the 60s

Mass being celebrated in the mid 60 by Fr Aloysius Doraisamy


The Priests parochial house in this single storey detached 1

The Priests parochial house in this single storey detached 2

The Priests parochial house with additional storey

The Priests parochial house with additional storey 1978

Fr. Carlo Ly the Parish Priest at the Baptismal Font at the back of the Church in the early 70s

Mass in pre-Vatican II days in Latin. Note the celebrant has his back to the congregation

A mix of old and new. Mass was said facing congregation but ladies still donned veils and hats

Side altar with the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

Main altar in the late 70s. Notice the cross is below the statue of Our Lady

The Church needed a facelift 1979

The baptismal font at the back of the Church


Major renovation in 1985. Tiling in progress

The old baptismal font converted into a confessional

Finishing touches to the main altar

Resting the crucifix

Carefully installing the Tabernacle in its final position

Masses were temporarily held in the Parish Hall

Renovation completed in 1985

Side altar as it is today

Complete make over for the sanctuary

In the first renovation the choir loft was turned into a meeting room


1996 Building the House of David. The late David Macully donated more than a million dollars

Notice the garage and the sacristan living quarters where the House of David now stands