The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a journey of faith for non-Catholic men and women who are searching for God or are interested to know more about the Catholic faith. Christians from other denominations are also welcome to embark on the journey to fully embrace the Catholic faith.

The RCIA lessons are conducted through engaging the participants (known as Inquirer or Catechumen) in discussions, sharing and activities to help them to know Christ and the Catholic Church. The journey includes participation in liturgical rites in the presence of the church community, and in church events and programmes for better understanding and integration with the church community. Throughout the journey, the participants are accompanied by Sponsors (baptised Catholics) who serve as the participants’ spiritual companions to assist and guide them in their journey of faith.

Baptised Catholics are encouraged to join RCIA as Sponsors and share the Good News with the catechumens.


"... It has been my desire to embrace a common faith, or at least to share the same values and outlook in life with the person I wish to be with. Since Melanie is a Catholic, I decided to join RCIA to explore the faith.

I was doubtful about God and had a non-committal attitude about believing in God. I was the master of my own destiny and lived to enjoy worldly materials. To a large extent, I was self-centred. I cared only about my own well-being. I worked and kept everything for myself. I thought that the universe revolved around me.

But something was lacking. I did not find fulfilment in my worldly possessions. I was lost. I started searching for direction and purpose in life. This led me to search for spiritual fulfilment. Little did I realise that God was transforming and renewing my life.

Since May last year, I attended RCIA lessons on Fridays and “breaking the Word” sessions on Sundays. The RCIA journey shaped my life. I learnt to look at the world through the lens of faith. I slowly discovered why Christ died on the cross for me and for all men. Christ’s passion took on a whole new meaning for me."
- Marcus Gee Ming Wei, Baptised on 15 Apr 2017


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